A few quick updates:

While the Province of Ontario state of emergency continues for a few more weeks, we are continuing to accept and prepare tax returns, albeit with some modified intake and pickup protocols.

The June 1st, 2020 filing deadline will very quickly be upon us. If you would like us to prepare your returns this year and have not already made arrangements with us, please e-mail or contact the office as soon as possible.

Operationally we are still working in the office, and on a rotating basis working remotely from home. Our office and the common areas of the building continue to be cleaned and disinfected nightly, and while in the office we physically distance our selves as best as possible.

IF you are able to, please continue to send your tax information electronically to our office using my e-mail address: . Whether by PDF, Excel, Word, snapped pictures on your phone – if you can send things electronically please do. I can then assign returns amongst the office.

We will not be taking face-to-face appointments, however, IF you are wanting to physically drop off your tax information – you can continue to use the mail slot on the front of our office door. If your package of information will not fit through a mail slot, please call beforehand to ensure that whoever is in the office knows to look in the hall to pickup your package. Please be aware that, the front door to our building is locked however there is a rear door into the building, accessed from the back of the parking lot, which is open during the day.


Also – for our business clients looking at using the 75% wage subsidy program, it went live online April 27th. Please go to the following link for more information:

If you need assistance with applying for this credit, or any of the other previously introduced personal or business relief programs, please contact the office.

Details about these relief programs have been changing daily so I encourage you to continue following updates to the Government of Canada, Department of Finance and Province of Ontario website links for additional and emerging information.

On behalf of myself, and everyone here at Mercer & Mercer we hope that you continue to stay healthy and safe and do your part to help flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19.

Blake Mercer, President
Mercer & Mercer Chartered Professional Accountants

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Proposed taxation changes could affect your small business.

The federal government is proposing changes to how small businesses are taxed. If you have concerns about how this might impact you, please email us or call 905-876-1144.

Personal tax filing season is almost here. Are you aware of the tax credit changes which may impact your 2019 tax return? Please email us or call 905-876-1144.